Thursday, October 16, 2008

Conceding to the DRays

Barring this sight of pigs fyling in the sky, I am officially
conceding the ALCS to the DRays. It's the 6th inning and we are down 5
runs. We just can't muster up any runs.

While this was an extremely fustrating series to watch, it is good for
baseball. It's also good for the Red Sox to be humbled like this as

The best part of it all is that as fans, we will be hungrier next year
for our team to win it all. This loss will leave a bad taste in the
mouths for sure.

Congrats Rays and all of your "fans." Good luck against the Phillies.
Keep the World Series in the American League.

(I am secretly hoping that this post turns karma around)

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COD said...

Clearly it was my "When does college basketball season start" Tweet last night that provided the reverse gooch to turn things around.

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