Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Theo, Hot Coffee and Colored Leaves

Fall, by far, is my most favorite time of year. The weather gets crisp. Baseball steams ahead towards the playoffs. Football is just getting underway. And all eyes are on New England as the leaves on the tree turn various shades of orange, red and yellow.

Today is one of those "it feels like fall days." Specifically, here's why:

Red Sox are in the hunt for a playoff run. They are one game out of first and have trailed the DRays most of the year. They had the opportunity last night, but just couldn't muster up one more run. Also, looks like Theo is going to get a raise. Good for him. The guy has been the mastermind behind all the moves the Red Sox have made since the 2004 season and his hard work has paid off in the form of two championship parades (and being in position to possibly go back to back this year).

I was feeling some hot coffee this morning so headed to D&D. I'm not a Starbucks kind of guy. I find the menu to be too intimidating. I can't pronounce venti without it sounding like something I caught while waiting in the doctors office. I typically would get an iced coffee, but because of the crispness in the air, I decided to go with hot. Good call on my part I think. It hit the spot. I hardly drink hot coffee when the weather is warm so by ordering a hot coffee today, I think we're moving into long pant weather vs. cargo shorts and T's.

I have a couple trees on my property and I can already see the transformation in color. It's not a ton of color change, but I can see on the fringe of some leaves that the process is starting.

Next thing you know, we'll be shoveling out cars from underneath two feet of snow. That's ok though, because at that point, we'll have already celebrated the Sox back to back championships, will be watching the Pats and the Sons of Cassel int he playoffs, hoisting banner #17 to the rafters (reference to the Celtics championship just in case any of you were sleeping at the wheel), and hoping that the Bruins step their game up and get with the Title Town program.


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