Saturday, September 27, 2008

Note to the Mayor of Revere

The of City of Revere has been planning a massive road construction project that included paving my street. About four months ago, they finally got around to digging up my street and laying down the first level of asphalt. Fast forward four months and the street is still unfinished. Yesterday, I got a letter in the mail stating that the project will not be completed this year, and will resume in 2009.

I understand things happen. I understand that there are multiple factor as to the slowing down of public work projects.

However, this is Revere. Things are a little different here. Well, maybe not all that different. Regardless, my street isn't paved and won't be for god knows how long. I can't wait for the winter to dump snow on us so the plows can tear up the soft asphalt. That means more potholes and more chucks of material ending up in my driveway.

Why does this really bug me?

Three times a week I take the bus to work. The bus stop that I go to is right on Park Ave, which is the main drag that was included in this massive construction project. The cronies that are doing the work just finished the sidewalks. It's been since spring when they started this whole thing. Now, if you know Park Ave., it's not that big. Yea, it stretches for about 10 blocks or so, but we're talking about sidewalks here people. Dig them up. Box them off. Add in the curbing. Pour the concrete and let it dry. All done. See ya. Thank you very much.

However, on multiple occasions I have witnessed workers sitting in their trucks, hanging out, chit-chatting with the cops (another story in itself). I have witnessed more fraternizing than working. That goes for the cops too. Last week, I came to the four way stop at the top of Park Ave. (an intersection of Everett, Chelsea and Revere which has been the root of more automobile accidents than druink driving). I pulled up to the stop and there were three Revere cops on detail. They were chatting amongst themselves and doing no work whatsoever. Cars were pulling up to the blinking lights and having to navigate around themselves because the cops weren't directing traffic. At $75 a whack (or whatever it is), that really pissed me off.

Fast forward to yesterday. I get the letter in the mail from Mr. Mayor stating that the project has been delayed. He gives no reasons. So Mr. Mayor is it because the city ran out of money by paying good for nothing cops or was it mismanagement of the project by you, the moronic Mayor that no one in this city seems to like? Or maybe it was the fact that all your friends are doing the work and you want to line their pockets because they line yours when the timing is right.

Now I know I'm grossly accusing city officials of unlawful acts, but hey, I did say this was Revere, right?

At the end of the day, I just want my street paved. I don't want to deal with potholes, chucks of debris in my front yard/driveway and lastly, I don't want overpaid cops and private contractors sitting around on their ass while the should be working.

So Mr. Mayor, you can take your semi-personalized letter (signed in ink, addressed to "resident") and shove it where the sun don't shine.

Yours Truly,
The Big Guy


Angela said...

Working for one of the Revere newspapers I can tell you with personal knowledge, yes, your city is run by morons. Actual, legitimate morons. I'm so sorry.

P.S. And didn't you know those detail cops are only their for public safety?! Without them, who knows what could happen!

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