Saturday, September 6, 2008

Patriots 2008 Season Prediction

We are nearly 24 hours away from the 2008 Patriots season opener. As a near-season ticket holder (I don't have seasons, but I pretty much go to all the games because of family connections, other sources, etc.) I'm very much looking forward to the 2008 redemption season. I don't have dreams of them going undefeated during the regular season (though it would be nice to finish up what they were supposed to do last year). I do, however, have dreams of them winning a superbowl. Here's what I think the Pats will do this season:

Chiefs - win
Jets - win
Dolphins - win
49ers - win
Chargers - loss
Broncos - win
Rams - win
Colts - win
Bills - win
Jets - loss (Favre shocker)
Dolphins - win
Steelers - win
Seahawks - win
Raiders - win
Cardinals - win
Bills - win

Divisional Playoffs - Jags - win
AFC Championship - Charges - win
Superbowl - Dallas - Win


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