Sunday, September 28, 2008

Future of Personal Computing

My brother and I were hanging out last night in what will be the future man-town in the Martelli house hold. During these polar beer sessions (what we call hanging out in the dark, no-light allowed basement, we cover a variety of topics that span from sports, family, technology, life in general, work, music, movies, beer, stogies, food, etc., etc. Last's night topic brought to light the future of personal computing. So when this happens, just remember that you read it here first.

We all know about the popularity of the iPhone and how it revolutionized the mobile platform. Eventually, all mobile devices will be an all-touch-type device with no or little navigation buttons (just enough to do certain short-cut things like trigger the voice activation, camera phone, etc.

Eventually, all mobile devices will be as powerful as macbook pros/high-end laptops/desktops. All one will have to do is take their 3 terabyte iphone into their living room/kitchen/bedroom/study, etc. and it'll automatically sync with your plasma/lcd screen. There, you will have an option of firing up the personal computer portion of your device or you can use it to control your television viewing (cable, tivo, other dvrs, surround sound, etc.) Once you are bored with what you are watching, you switch back to the personal computer mode and check email, surf the web. The device will have it's own touch keyboard and can also be used as a mouse just by moving it. You will have the option for the use of bluetooth keyboards and a mouse. If you're really on the cutting edge, your plasma will light up a virtual keyboard and touchpad area that will give you full a keyboard/mouse option.

Now that we've covered personal computing and television viewing, let's chat about how else your mobile device will chance your life.

Imagine going walking by the refrigerator, on your way to the bathroom. The fridge will send a message to your device that you are almost out of milk, eggs and butter. Those messages are stored in your device so every day, a list gets sent to your local grocery store who will deliver the products to your house the next day.

Yes, there is a huge big brother thing going on here, but that's where we are headed people. Folks are getting more and more comfortable with allowing others to see their location via GPS as well as share personal information over the internet.

This powerful device will eliminate the need to carry around cash, ID, membership cards, etc. Everything you need to manage your life will be accessible in your device. Worried about hacking? No way. Security on these devices are so tight that it's backed by the government. Worried about losing your device? No worries. The device is only useable by those authorized to do finger print and eye scan.

So yea, I know this is some crazy, Jetsons thinking here, but after about a case and half of beer, my brother and I thought we were really on to something.



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