Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why Burger King is Better than McDonald's've never been one to go to Burger King or McDonald's frequently. It was one of those things where I'd go every six months, if that. If I'm going to get fast food, I'm going to get something that's tastier and provides me with larger portions. That's how I roll.

One day I looked up and had two darling little daughters. That's when my contributions to the Burger King and McDonald's franchises increased.

Since I've been buying chicken nugget kid meals for at least four years now (the age of my oldest), I've become keenly aware of the differences between the two establishments.

Simply put, McDonald's sucks and here's why:

Every time I go to McDonald's there is always some idiot working the window. I have to repeat my order a few times and clarify it when I get to the window.

At Burger King, the folks at the window are always on point.

When I arrive at the McDonald's window, there's no happy smiling face greeting me, thanking me for my order. It's just someone looking to grab my cash, throw the bags at me and send me on my way.

At BK, the exchange is always pleasant. There is a lot of thank you's, smiles, etc. The experience is friendly.

When I get my order at McDonald's, once out of every five times I go, they screw up the order. It has become such a problem that I diligently check the bag before I leave the window.

At BK, I couldn't tell you when the last time I had a wrong order.

At McDonald's I also have to repeatedly ask for a straw and napkins.

At BK, that stuff is included without question. They also ask you if you need anything else.

So basically, customer service is better at BK. Happy customers make repeat customers. It's that simple. So McDonald's, if you're reading, step your game up. The only reason I would go to McDonald's these days is because it's on the way home. I can't justify the gas to drive another 8 mins or so to BK.


MariaSophia said...

Not to mention the BK commercials are hilarious. The one where the mini King kicks his dad's shins to get the apple fries cracks me up.

COD said...

I once came face to face with the happiest Burger King employee in the world.

Don Martelli said...

I agree with the commercials statement. I love the ones with the King and the NFL.

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