Friday, July 18, 2008

Why morning FM radio is horrible

Two questions posed to the audience (for call-in responses) that I heard scanning the radio today confirmed that morning radio is horrible.

Question 1: Do you sneak a peak at your significant others text messages?

Lots of the call-ins said yep, they did. One chick said that she checks her hubby's all the time, but knows that he's tech illiterate and is not worried that he'll find her "sex messages" as she calls them.

Great content guys. Keep up the good work.

Question 2: What quirks does your boss have that drive you nuts?

Answers varied: picking his nose, swearing, burning popcorn, bad breath, tight cloths, stinky perfume, etc.

Again, great content. I was charging my ipod and couldn't play tunes through the radio so I was forced to listen to this garbage. Here's a brilliant idea, how about playing some music?


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