Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thoughts on Manny being Manny

So there's a lot of chatter about Manny sitting out of last night's
1-0 loss to the Skankees. He says his knee hurts, but the MRI was

Apparently, asking out of the line-up didn't sit too well with the
ownership either. I can't blame them. They are in a middle of a
pennant race and their best hitter decides that he needs a couple days
off. We all need vacations, but when your team needs you it's your job
to step up. Manny didn't.

I am a big Manny fan, but I am starting to think that we could pick up
some great pitchers, relievers and some solid utility folks for
trading him to let's say, the Mets. Manny goes to NY, but not the
Skankees. He'll be with a team we'll never see unless its interleague
play and the Mets happen to make their way to the WS.

So thanks Manny for all your HR's, RBI's, etc. but it might be time
for you to pack your bags. I'm tired of your BS. Say hello to Pedro
for us.

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