Sunday, July 6, 2008

Roberta & Eric - their wedding story

I recently had the pleasure of shooting a family wedding, sorta of. Roberta and Eric hired me last year to shoot their wedding day on the cusp of seeing what I did at Roberta's cousin's wedding - Tiffany and Amen.

You're probably looking at the pictures below and saying, family?

Yes, family.

You see, Roberta is Tiffany's cousin. Tiffany has a brother Donald who is married to my aunt Theresa. So there you have!

This group of people is one I am very family with. It started with shooting their family reunion. Every few years this massive family gets together, dresses to the nines, and has a ball. I've become the family photographer and slowly but surely as the family gets added to through marriages and births I get to meet more and more people. So it's never awkward shooting one of these events because it's all hugs and kisses.

As for Roberta and Eric, they were a pleasure to work with. They were probably the easiest couple to work with. They basically did what I said to do and when I said to do it. You see, the thing people like about my work the best is that I work quick. After all, there's a party to get to. The last thing people want to be doing is taking pictures when it's time to party.

This was also the easiest assignment. Everything was in one location. Everything was at Christina's in Foxboro - a very nice place if you're looking for an all-in one-venue. Roberta got ready there, the ceremony was there, and the reception was there. It was fantastic. No running around. I could take my time and really enjoy the shoot.

Here are some of my favorites:

Putting on make-up

Flower girls
Their wedding program
Eric (second from right) and his boys
Another way to shoot the ceremony, without shooting the ceremony
Sharing a moment
Flower girls and selective coloring
First steps as husband and wife
To see their slide show, please click here.


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