Sunday, July 27, 2008

Red Sox vs. Yankees tonight, 8:05pm; Here's where I'm sitting

Getting Red Sox Yankees tickets is harder than finding the Holy Grail. Either you have connections or you pay through the nose. I have the connections, fortunately enough. I don't go to the well that often so when I do, it's worth the trip. Here's where I'll be sitting tonight:

Here's the view from the seats:

Biggest question I have to answer before I leave for Fenway tonight is which camera do I bring? Do I bring my Canon G9, which is a point and shoot, but a high end point and shoot with RAW capabilities or do I go all out and bring one of the Canon 30Ds with my 10-22, 3.5 & the 70-200, 2.8? Right now I'm leaning towards the G9 only because it's a smaller package to carry. If I bring the big boy, I'll need to bring one of my compact camera bags. Now for those of you who know me and have been to Fenway, you that there is hardly enough room in the seats as it is. Adding a 6'2", 290-type of guy in those tight seats WITH a bag could bring some complications, inclulding:

- being right up against the person next to me
- no room for my two beers
- no room for my two beers
- and finally, no room for my two beers

G9 it is.


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