Wednesday, July 9, 2008

One disadvantage of being "the man"

Those who know me will tell you that I like everyone. All races, creeds, religions, etc. Negatively has no place in my life. So please, whom ever is reading this, don't think this post has anything serious to do with race. With that said, here's one of the biggest disadvantages of being a half Italian/half English white guy - commonly known as "the man" in the inner circles of society.

You'll think I'm crazy, but the biggest disadvantage is getting sun burned. Yea, that's right people, getting toasty in the sun. It's sucks if you're the man.

Recently I spent some time in NH on vacation. All we did was go to the beach. I slapped on SPF 8,000 (or whatever it was) on every inch of my body exposed to the sun. The reason being is that if I don't, I get burned and turn red like a lobster. Do you think my Italian skin would turn golden brown? Nah...I have English skin. I burn, then I'm whiter than I was before.

This leads me to my point. The one area I forgot to lather up? My feet. So my size 13 dogs got blasted by sun early on in the vacation and it killed. My feet swelled up, they itched and now the skin is peeling off. I know, it's nasty. It looks nasty too. It looks like my feet are crumbling off of my body.

So white people (men and women) be warned. Please, lather up those toe toes. You'll regret it otherwise. Trust me (as I itch my feet).

Yours Truly,
The Man


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