Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Media players

Just trolling through my Google Reader and came across a post mentioning Real Networks. That got me thinking. What media player do you prefer? I use iTunes when I'm playing stuff off of my iPod Touch and use Windows Media Player when I'm playing stuff off of my hard drive.

As for Real anyone actually using it anymore?

I've rarely used it. When I did, I found the interface annoying. Additionally, it didn't provide any real value to my PC. Yea, it played proprietary RM files, but I could also grab a plugin for WMP. Lastly, I hated the constant pop-ups (until I learned I could kill 'em). IMHO Real Media will never break through the player market. It's smart that they latched on to a music service (Rhapsody), but even then, most folks who buy music tend to get stuff through iTunes (a gross assumption, I know, but it has some legs).


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