Tuesday, July 8, 2008

John Mayer's Blog

John Mayer is one of those artists that I don't tell everyone I like (though I just did). Lots of people hate on him because he's pop. Others love him because he's rock. I just find his music interesting. His arrangements simple, yet complex. His lyrics right on the money. And his band fantastic, especially his drummer. One of things that blogging allows people to do is to get to "know" folks they normally wouldn't have.

What do these two subjects have in common?

Well, it's the John Mayer blog. You have to go check it out. A couple of recent posts are about life basically. The latest is about a young kid he met with a rare disease. He embraces him like a brother, brings him back stage, let's him lead the pre-gig ritual, etc. The second post is a wrap up about the summer Euro tour. He goes on to talk about life and getting older. In this post, he's basically saying, "I'm young, rich and doing what I love to do. Basically, I'm living the dream. The best part of it all is that I know I'm living the dream and it's not going to last. I'm basking in the glow as long as I can."

Well, those are direct quotes, but that's basically what he's saying.

I guess you could say I'm also living the dream. I'm happily married. Have two wonderful kids. Have a great job (two really), doing what I love to do (PR & photography).

I'm no spring chicken but I'm not on the flip side of senility either. What I do have in common with Mr. Mayer is that I realize that I'm in the midst of my prime and I'm loving it. Or should I say, I'm living the dream?


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