Thursday, June 5, 2008

What if the Celtics were a hip-hop album?

What if the Celtics team collectively was a hip hop album? What would the track listing look like?

Here's what I and my bro (the walking hip-hop encyclopedia) think:

- Rondo: Focused Daily, Defari
- Allen: It Ain't Hard to Tell, Nas
- Pierce: Tha Game, Pete Rock
- Perkins: Cold as Ice, M.O.P.
- KG: Above the Clouds, Gangstarr
- House: Pain I Feel, Blahzay Blahzay
- Posey: I Got Cha Opin, Blackmoon
- Powe: Crush, Big Shug
- Davis: Whoo Ha, Busta Rhymes
- Brown: Mellow My Man, The Roots
- Pollard: Walk This Way, Run DMC/Aeorsmith
- Pruitt: We Can Make It Better, Kayne West
- Doc: Follow the Leader, Eric B. & Rakim

* Team Bonus Track: I Gotta Have It, Edo G & Da Bulldogs (local flava):


Michael said...


Now let's get #17!

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