Monday, June 30, 2008

Stop whining about gas prices

Like everyone else, I'm pissed that gas prices are through the roof. As consumers, there's really nothing we can do. How many stories like the one I just linked to are we going to have to read this summer? It's only going to get worse. My advice to everyone?

Get over it. There's nothing you can do. Prices will never drop back to $2 or even $3 a gallon. We're buying at $4 now. You think continuous price increases are going to keep us from the pump? We're a society driving (yes, pun was planned) on traveling, moving. We need to get to places. More often than not that requires getting into a car and driving. The only way to stop the bleeding and really having it impact your budget is if you were driving a gas guzzler.

Myself? I'm driving a Honda CRV and loving it. Gas mileage is great. I do mostly city driving and take public transportation to work. I fill up every other week, just about. Yea, it's costing me more at the pump each time (what was $22 to fill my tank is now $40), but it hasn't preventing me from going on vacation or driving to work at times. We simply just have to make do. You work things out so you're not eating PB&J everyday just because you want to drive a Hummer. If it means you buy economy, then do it. Gas prices aren't going down. They will keep increasing. Has the price of milk dropped over the years (please don't argue with me that it's because of gas prices either).

The solution to all this really relies on the car manufacturers. They need to make more fuel efficient vehicles in the over-sized category that we as American's are accustomed to. Car manufacturers just need to make more fuel efficient (or independent for that matter) vehicles that are affordable, reliable and ECO friendly.


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