Sunday, June 1, 2008

Is Twitter the new Comcast?

Lots of chatter online about the Twitter capacity issue. Super duper blogger Robert Scoble first rumored to be the architect behind a recent Twitter melt down. Then the two sides came together for a peace offering. Now, another super duper blogger site Mashable comments on the issue saying that we might have seen the lifespan of Twitter - 1.85 years.

Here's the deal as I see it. Twitter heads had no clue how popular their service would be. How could they? It's taken off in popularity faster than the shuttle races towards the moon. It's going to take some time to iron out the kinks, but the key will be Twitter keeping their users engaged and informed. If they don't, they might see a mass exodus to Tumblr. Even Twitter is using Tumblr to talk about status updates.

I guess that won't happen, but as @shelisrael pointed out to me...most of the folks I (he and others) follow, are on twitter. So not until some of the more popular social media gurus move to another service, will the pack follow.

Imagine the upheaval it would cause in the social media world is such an incident would take place.


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