Monday, June 9, 2008

Is sleep deprivation worth an NBA title?

These 9pm starts to the NBA finals are killing me. I'm so jacked up from the game that it takes me about an hour to calm down - that's when the Celtics win. When they've lost in the playoffs, it takes longer for my blood to stop boiling.

So I pose this an NBA championship worth sleep deprivation and bad health?


I don't mind the bags under my eyes. I don't mind the groggy state I'm in the morning after. I don't mind living and dying on each shot attempt. I don't mind my blood pressure boiling to the point where I start to sweat. I don't mind any of it. Not for one bit.

Think about it. How long will this Boston sports ride last? The Patriots superbowls. The Red Sox world series. The Bruins making a resurgence (sorta). Now the Celtics. We are two wins away from adding one more banner to the rafters.

I'm not planning the parade, but our chances are looking great. I know that we'll probably lose game three. Kobe will not be denied after returning home down 2-0. The Lakers will get a majority of the calls and Kobe will drop in about 50. I predict that the Lakers will take game three, we'll take game four, they will take game five and we'll get number 17 in game six - at home.

I just hope my physical and mental health can withstand the intensity over the next week or so. If you happen to run into me on the street and I'm jacked up like Leon Powe was last night, just go to the other side of the street please - for both of our safety.


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