Friday, June 6, 2008

Hi. My name is Don. I'm a beer snob.

This weekend marks the annual trip the St. Joseph's feast in Malden. It's a carnival event at the Church where my wife and I were married. It features the typical carnival stuff - rides, decent food, games for the kids, etc. It also features a massive beer truck.

This is where my dilemma and beer snob status hinders me slightly.

You see, I'm a big fan of all beers in green bottles with the exception of Rolling Rock and Dos Eques. Put a Becks, Grolsch, St. Paulie Girl, or Heineken in front of me and I'm good.

At the feast, the big beer truck is purely Bud and Bud Light.


I'm a big fan of beer. I enjoy drinking it. I like the different varieties and flavors. When I drink beer, I want to taste the different ingredients. I don't like watered down beer or beer that's advertised as "refreshing." To me that means that it basically tastes like water.

To add salt to the wound, it's Bud and Bud Light draft.

Even worse.

Tap beer is basically what is left in the production barrel. Some area great, some are better than others, some are just outright fowsty. Bud and Bud Light draft fits in the latter category.

So, yea, I'm a beer snob. However, due to the lack of options, I will dive into the Bud and Bud Lights. The first one is always the toughest. Have a few more and they get sort of ok. Have even more and they start to taste like a greenie (well, that's a stretch, but you get my point).

The best part of it all is that they are about $2-3 bucks a beer.

That's the compromise. This is purely quantity over quality and it's only once a year, so I can "deal" with it.


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