Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hazel Mae to go bye bye

Seems as if Ms. Hazel Mae will be leaving NESN. For those of you who don't know, Hazel is the anchor for the network that covers the Red Sox and Bruins. She's quite the looker. In fact, I know one heart that is probably broken over the news.

I know my father-in-law will be crushed, He calls her Sexy Mae, which always freaks out my wife, but hey, he's a guy. Can't blame him. She's good looking AND she knows a lot about the Sox.


Mae is the second broadcast chickie to bounce from NESN as of late. Former sideline reporter Tina Cervasio (who looked much better on TV than she does in person) left before the season started.

Now we have Heidi Watley on the sideline. She's also a looker.

Seeing a theme here? The powers that be at NESN are no fools. Let's put decent looking ladies on the tube during the Sox games because 90% of those who are watching are guys. This way, the won't tune out during breaks, which hopefully will mean they will stay engaged with the station so our advertisers will get some exposure.

Well, good luck Hazel. Can't wait to see who NESN drags in next.


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