Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Difference between Bob Ryan and Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe

As the NBA Finals roll on, you folks will start to see my dislike for Dan Shaughnessy and why Bob Ryan "gets it." Check out the recaps of last nights game three loss to the Lakers from each.

Yea, Bob is a homer. He loves the Celtics, but he tells it like it is. Basically that the Lakers should have beaten us by more points last night and that the C's were very close to stealing this game.

Danny boy basically takes the angle of we blew it. Our best chance of stomping the Lakers was with a game three win to go up 3-0. But no, they couldn't pull it off. God knows what's going to happen now - is the message I'm getting from him.

I wish Danny boy would take a buy-out and start writing for the NY Post or something. Moron.


Suldog said...

Ryan is the best basketball writer on the planet. He has been for many years. That's obvious to most folks, but it never hurts to reiterate it.

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