Monday, June 16, 2008

Boston Globe: "Grilling meat causes cancer." You serious?

If this is true, then I must have a day to live. I grill constantly. You'll find me out in my backyard grilling steak tips and veggies in 20 degree weather. All I need is a couple brews (no need for a cooler), a stogie and a hoodie.

I imagine that if you're a reporter covering healthcare that you probably will end up with a complex. One day some wine is good for you, beer is bad. Other days, wine will make your hair fall out while beer is good for the heart. An apple a day? Yea, but only on every fourth Tuesday. On other Tuesday's, apples will rot your teeth.

I understand the science behind this story but seriously, unless you're marinating your steak tips in lighter fluid, this should be a non-issue.


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