Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Annoying work habits

Listening to WFNX yesterday morning and the Sandbox characters were talking about annoying work habits. Here's a few that I've come across in my career:

- the close talker: always up in your grill when they talk to you. Best way to avoid them is to talk behind your desk.

- the linger-er: loves to chat about anything and everything. never shuts up and you can't shake 'em.

- the gossiper: fuels the hatorade cooler of the office. this person stirs it up, talks as much smack as they can about everyone in the office, including yourself to others.

- the un-PCer: we all know this person. f-bombs galore. hitting on the ladies. announces elongated trips to the john. Oh wait, that's me (less the hitting on ladies).

- the to-doer: this is the person who needs to do everything that they are assigned quickly in order to get it off their to do list. the list freaks them out and they can't handle juggling tasks.

- the energizer: this person brings a high level of energy to everything he/she does. whether it's making coffee, brainstorming, ordering supplies, going to lunch, etc. this person is a ball of energy all day, everyday. It annoys the crap out of everyone else though.

- the hobit: this is the person who sits in their cube/office all day long, just working away. no interaction with the rest of the office. no talking. no schmoozing. no networking events. no nada. the loner.

- the i'm important: this is the person that thinks he/she is above their title. they want to be in on everything. they stick their nose into business that's not theirs. they feel that the company will crumble without their help. however, for the most part, they are just a role player.

- the 9-5er: these are the peeps that clock watch. they are in right at 9 and leave right at 5. god forbid that they are their early or stay a bit later to meet deadlines.

- the complainer: we all have these too. this is the person that complains about everything, all the time, all day long. you start thinking that this person has never had a happy day in their life and that you wish they would just jump out of the window and go away.

- the "guy": we all have these people too. it's the guy/gal who is the IT person, but they are not the IT person. This person thinks they know everything about computers and can fix any problem. they are a nightmare to the REAL IT people because these folks get into the kitchen and move all the pots and pans around.

I know I'm missing some, so let's hear 'em people. Post your most annoying work habits.


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