Sunday, May 25, 2008

Celtics Pistons game 3 recap

I'm waking up this morning slightly hung over from the excitement of a Celtics playoff road win. Yes, that's right folks, a Celtics playoff road win. I can hear the grumblings of fellow bloggers/co-workers/Piston fans including @dbinkowski @charliekkendo @potsie and @judbranam.

Not that I want to say I told you so, but hey Deee-troit Piiiiston fans, it's 2-1. Home advantage BACK in full effect. I predicted the first home loss AND the first road win - back to back. I think this series is far from over and it'll go 7 with a dramatic win by the Celtics.

But, back to last nights game. I never really had the feeling that the Celtics were going to lose. It got close there for a while and it seemed like the Pistons were creeping back, but our bench came up huge for us. Nice to have that luxury. I pray that they are just warming up and will continue to step up as they did last night.

Game four tomorrow at the Palace. I don't see Detroit losing back to back at home, though I hope they do. ;)


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