Monday, May 26, 2008

Blogs, Celtics, and Long Weekends

Here's yet another pot of "whatever you can find in the kitchen" post. This time covering two news items surround blogs, Celtics game four prediction and a quick note about long weekends.

My gal friend, former co-worker, and fellow blogger Allison needs a blog name. You can read her story over at her blog, but basically, she's a cancer survivor and has recently dove head first into this "blogging thing." It's very hard to select your blog name. It's basically the start of the creation of your online ID. I'm simply known as the big guy. I'm a big dude so it was sorta easy. However, with Allison's story being more complex than mine, I'm sure it's tough to nail down a strong of letters, put them together to make words, then slap it on a URL.

Another blogger who I've been following just so happens to be the starting point guard for the Celtics - Rajan Rondo. Apparently, he's on the verge of blowing up the bloggy world with his own URL and an official myspace page.

Speaking of the Celtics, game four is tonight. My prediction? Celtics will lose. I don't see the C's winning back to back games on the road. Then again, I could be wrong. That's why they play the game right? Thus far, however, I've called each game - including the first loss at home and the first road win. The game is on tonight, the tail end of a long weekend....which leads me to...

Long weekends. ;)

I'm a big fan of long weekends. They recharge the batteries. They get your prepped for a work week much better than the Saturday/Sunday tag team weekend. This long weekend is thanks to the men and women that served our country. I thank them for the long weekend, but really thank them for the sacrifices they have made to make this country what is it.


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