Saturday, May 31, 2008

Beat LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the 11th time, the Celtics and the Lakers will face off in the NBA finals!

Are you kidding me? Am I dreaming? Someone, please, please pinch me. This cannot be real. I must be NEO and stuck in the matrix. There's no way that this can be true.

I put on ESPN this morning and they've already started the flash back stories. Bird. Magic. Cooper. McHale. Kareem. Parish. Rambus. Ainge.

Oh man...I don't know if I can wait until Thursday.

Before I swallowed the red pill and entered into the Matrix, I was still on the planet, watching the Celtics face the Pistons.

The C's were down eight points and rallied back to hold off the flustering Pistons. What a game. I think my blood pressure is still through the roof. I can't imagine what it's going to be like on Thursday.

I will tell you what Thursday will bring however. It'll flash me back to my childhood. I grew up watching the 80s Celtics and all the great battles they had with the Lakers. I mean, this really is a dream (thank god we are 8-2 in the finals against the Lakers so hopefully it won't be a nightmare).

I think it was the good old days of the 80s that made the 90s and more recent years tough. I experienced how great the franchise over a 10 year period but quickly was given a dose of sports reality when we were the bottom feeders of the league. Then came Reggie Lewis and the Len Bias story lines. And oh yea, don't forget about the Tim Duncan draft that should have been. Where would we be if Duncan was drafted by the Celtics? Would we be here now, facing the Lakers, yet again?

Probably not.

Regardless, the job is not finished yet. The Celtics need to be the Lakers. This town is thirsty for a Celtics championship. I for one, would cherish it because I know they are far and few between.



Richard said...

picked this up on a google alert that I have that pertains to the company "Rambus", that I'm invested in. Being that I bleed purple and gold, the name is "Rambis"

I can't believe that the Lakers and Celtics are playing in the finals. The memories I have of the 80's showtime vs. Bird are something that can't be explained. Hopefully we can get a few years out of both teams, well, I'm not worried about the Lakers..ha! They'll be a lock for a championship next year when Bynum comes back. Good luck to the Celtics - this is their time!

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