Friday, April 4, 2008

Littering & Smoking Morons

In a matter of 10 mins, I experienced two things this morning that made me think about how rude of a society we are.

Incident #1:

I'm driving behind someone, getting in line to get my ticket to park at the train station. The idiot in front of me, rolls down his window grabs his ticket, then proceeds to chuck a rolled up Dunkin' Donuts sandwich rapper out of the window.

WTF? You can't hold it until your fat a$$ gets out of the car, walks to the train platform and dump the trash into a waste basket? Is the trash so repulsive to you that you can't stand to see it anymore? It had to be removed immediately?


Now to Incident #2.

Get out of the car, disgusted from Moron #1's actions, and fight the crowd to get to the train platform. All over the platform there are signs that tell you to watch your bags, watch out for shady people, etc. There's also a constant reminder of NO SMOKING ON THE PLATFORM.

I'm walking behind this dude that's about my height, scruffy looking, big kinda guy, etc. All of a sudden, I catch a mouthful of Camels.

Great. Thanks. Really enjoyed that.

The platform is outside, so yea, technically it's ok to smoke outdoors. However, there are signs with reminders of fines all over the place. What's the dillio? Can't people follow rules?


Looking forward to some more Moron experiences on the way home. It's Friday. The city's full of 'em today.


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