Saturday, April 26, 2008

KG's game time routine

Watching the Celtics all year and I've noticed the routine that KG has every game. It's intense and entertaining. The Globe's Celtic blog recapped it nicely.

"He starts out under the basket, where he ties his shorts and then hits his head on the stanchion. Then he walks to the corner of the court near the Celtics bench and shrugs his shoulders. He high-fives everyone on the bench. He does his chalk routine. He gets man-hugs from Eddie House and James Posey. With everyone else already on the court, he walks out and gives fist pounds to every opponent. Then he walks to the Celtics end of the court, swings his arms, and pumps his chest while saying something R-rated. He points to three distinct sections of the crowd. Then it’s gametime."
Game three tonight. One more notch in the belt.


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