Saturday, April 5, 2008

Howe @ NECN

What's cool about being a former journalist and in the PR business is that often times you are "in the know." Out of the slew of veteran reporters who have left their jobs recently, there was one that I knew about well before hand - Peter Howe's jump to NECN.

I know Peter Howe ince my own Globe days. I pitched him often and more often than not, he would give good advice about who else to send the pitch to, write the story himself and sometimes, just tell me politely that the story sucked. Regardless, he's a great guy and a fantastic reporter/writer. He wrote in a way that helped you grasp very complex political and business issues. He had a great reputation with every PR person I've worked with.

As I said, he's making the jump to broadcast. He'll do well at NECN. He will bring his charm, his wit and his uncanny style of reporting to probably the only true "local" news station left in Boston. Yea, 4, 5, 7 cover local news. 25 does a decent job too, but NECN has that small engine that could feel. I like the underdog. Maybe that's why I like NECN.

With all that said, congrats Peter. You deserve the promotion. The Globe is sinking quickly and it doesn't seem the powers that be are going to save it. I envision some sort of Boston/NY collaboration between the times and the globe - one paper, one website, just different beat reporters covering regions.


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