Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bruins push game 7. Red Sox keep rolling. Celtics start playoff run.

I guess this is why everyone else outside of New England hates us. All of our teams are doing very well (not talking about the Patriots). We've had some serious sports weekends as of late. This weekend is no different.

Last night the Bruins beat the Canadians to force a game 7 in Montreal on Monday. The game was a defensive battle up until the third period when all havoc broke loose. The Habs took the lead and the B's would tie it up. The B's would take the lead and the Habs would tie it up. The action was end to end, wire to wire. It was a physical game. It was a game that featured from very skillful players making some amazing moves - hello Phil Kessell. I'm chalking that game up as one of the best I've seen in years. Not just because we won, but because of all the action and the tension. This serious, no doubt, has put the spark back in to the Bruins/Habs rivalry - more so that the Sox and the Skankees. Game seven tomorrow. Can't wait.

Speaking of the Red are they on fire. Manny continues his tear towards homerun #500. Ortiz is heating up. Beckett looks fantastic. Dice-K looks even better. The list goes on and on. I honestly don't know why they can't repeat. I know it's early, but they are looking as good as they did last year, if not better - even without Mike Lowell.

Now, finally, on the Celtics and the real NBA season. The green begin their drive for #17 this evening. This is the most anticipated basketball game in Boston since 1986. Yea, the Antwoine and Pierce Celtics in the early 00's were good, but they were never a team destined for greatness.

The 2007-08 version of the Celtics are so good they are scary. I predict a sweep of Atlanta and that eventually, we'll face Detroit in the Eastern Conference finals. You can't count them out as they've been there, done that. Orlando is also one to watch. I'm looking forward to watching some exciting basketball and watching KG at his intensity peaks.

I was watching an interview with KG this weekend and man, is that dude intense. Even during interviews you feel that he wants to reach out from the TV and grab you by your neck. On the other side of the coin, is his personal side - which is very personal and not up for discussion or questions. He and his wife had their first kid the other day. Reporters asked him about it and he flat out said, it's not for discussion. Let's talk about basketball, which they did. Would you press KG on personal matters?

Me neither.

Needless to say, we're about 5+ hours away from tip off. I can't wait. I feel like I'm suiting up against the Hawks. I want to be in the Garden tonight or even outside of it because I KNOW that place is gonna be rocking.

Wake of Red, Green 17 begins tonight.

p.s. I've always been a fan of Bill Simmons. I was reading the PIAB blog today and came across his big F U to Simmons who picked the Lakers over the Celtics in the finals. I would echo the PIAB sentiments and say to Simmons that's he can go $@$@%%^@ himself. Yea, you're a member of the media and are supposed to be objective, but come on dude, you've always been about the New England teams.

Sell out.


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