Saturday, February 2, 2008

Post Puke-fest 2008 Follow-up

So, I've spent the day washing sheets, pajamas, floors, etc. to erase the puke from the domicile. However, I can't get the darn smell to get out of my nose. I know I've been thorough with cleaning, but damn, if that stench isn't hanging on like a hangover (which, by the way, my wife is suffering from). So I'm Mr. Mom today.

The mop up of puke fest motived me to other shit. I cleaned off the desk, organized the bills, etc.

Not sure where this energy came from, but at least something good came out of puke fest 2008.

No, if could only get rid of the smell. I swear it's on my hands. I feel like the dude in the movie the know, the cook, who was always complaining about the fish smell.

They don't make "gloves" for parenting though. You just gotta roll up your sleeve and dive into it.


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