Sunday, January 27, 2008

Who to vote for?

For those that know me you know that I'm not one of those people who are passionate about politics. I don't hold signs for candidates. I don't debate issues in work, with friends, with strangers, etc. It's just not my thing.

I do pay attention to the things that relate to me, my life, the well-being and safety of my family. Specifically, here's what I'm interested in:

- taxes (state and federal)
- healthcare costs
- the economy
- immigration
- foreign policy

Those are really the issues that I pay attention, read articles about, like to discuss when I am in the mood (which is rare), and base my vote on. Some might think I'm shallow, but it's really a matter of being a simple, no-frills kind of guy who is really just concerned with my immediate surroundings and things that really impact the daily lives of my family and friends.

So, I pose the question to those that subscribe to this blog, read the feed, etc. Who have/are you voting for and why? Based on what I've described above, which of the candidates best fit my interests? Convince me otherwise. I'm one of those 100% undecided voters. I mostly vote democratic, but as you can tell, I'm open to anything, just as long as it fits my parameters as best as the vote can.

So, lets have it.


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