Thursday, January 31, 2008

Grain of sand

The popular hip hop artist Common has a track on his last album called Finding Forever. As with his other albums he has his dad talk over the beat of the last track mostly about life, his son, being a dad, etc. It's unique.

On Finding Forever he asks the question "what is your grain of sand on the global humanity scale?

It got me thinking of mine.

I would say mine is made up of four parts:

- humor: I have a tendency to be funny. It's usually when I am around friends and people I am comfortable with. I like making people laugh.

- friendship: I learned to never burn a bridge. I am friends with everyone. I have a like tutoring younger people and sharing knowledge with others or sharing stuff I feel I am well versed in like tech, sports, PR, grilling, etc.

- advice: I think I am a no frills, common sense kind of guy. Yea, I have had my bumps in the road, which I chaulk up to experience and future advice. People seem to adhere to my advice.

- beautiful kids: I have two daughters. While every parent feels their kids will do something special in life, I am certain of it. Why? Not sure, but it's a guy feeling. My third grade teacher Mrs. Gardner always told me to trust my gut. It's never failed me in 30 years.

What is your grain of sand made up of?


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