Thursday, November 8, 2007

Why at-home moms have tougher jobs

I am fortunate enough to have a full-time job that allows my wife to stay home with the kids. I know that my job is much easier than hers. She doesn't get a lunch break. Doesn't get to take 15 minute coffee breaks. She's on the job until I get home.

Here's one IM exchange between the big guy's wife and myself, indicating how lucky I am to be working and not Mr. Mom:

Mrs. Big Guy: I put daughter #2 in the tub with daughter #1. When I took #2 our, #1 was screaming.

Big Guy: oh yea, what happened?

Mrs. Big Guy: well, #1 was screaming "there's a poop in the tub MOMMY"

Big Guy: nice!!!!

Mrs. Big Guy: I looked in and there it was, a little "rock" on the bottom!!!!

Big Guy: oh man...nasty

Mrs. Big Guy:
NO #@$%!!!!!!!!

Big Guy: well, you're wrong, there was #$@%...

Love this stuff. Makes it all worth while.

I'm off to go shuffle some more paper. Better than having to use a pooper scooper in the tubby.


Susie said...

Daughter #1 just told Mrs. Big Guy now Daughter #2 has poop in her pants....also said DAMN NASTY!!!!!!!! It's not easy being Mrs. Big Guy!!

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