Monday, November 5, 2007

More Craig's list foolishness

Here's a post from someone looking for a photog:

Looking for a seasoned event photographer for MODEL SEARCH EVENT/PARTY @ MANTRA

November 9th, need you there for 2-3 hours, around 11-2.

Model Search is happening during party, we want you to setup in VIP and take headshots of aspiring INDIAN models .. up to you on how to organize the process. You need to create a shoot atmosphere with some kind of backdrop or get creative ...

Also need cool event pictures.

Photos will be on several event sites and for further company marketing.

Offering $75 for three hours, let's talk.
Seriously...why do people think that taking photos is so easy and never offer competitive money to do the job right? Yea, someone will do this gig for $75 bucks, but they will get what they pay for.



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