Saturday, November 17, 2007

Keep your bratty kids out of my school

Seems as if colleges and universities are putting the heat on high schools to cough up discipline records.

I am in favor of the idea, and heres why.

How many times do we read stories about kids doing idiotic things on campus? After the Red Sox won the world series in 2004, there were thousands of college kids in Kenmore Sq. running around, tipping cars, etc. One kid got run over by a car and another was shot by a rubber bullet by the Boston Police and later died. She was trying to help a friend who was climbing the walls of Fenway (I know she was an innocent by-stander in all of this, but if her friend wasn't doing something stupid, then she might be alive today).

Kids go away to school and are out of arms reach of mommy and daddy. For the most part, they behave, go to class, and act as young civilized adults (with some drinking, puking and one night stands somewhere in the middle).

I worked for at a high school for three years. For the most part, the students (all boys) behaved. It is a prep school so the rules are enforced and things are run pretty tight. There were a few incidents that you could chalk up teen-stupid syndrome. Others, like a kid crapping in a gatorade bottle and bringing it into the cafeteria, is just plain stupid. It's those types of kids that need to be disciplined and taught in a harsh way, what consequences mean. If this sort of behavior goes with just a slap on the wrist and expulsion, it will continue at the college level. Kids are idiots. I know, I was one.

I think colleges and universities have ever right to ask high schools for full records. They should know what they will have on their hands before the kids arrive all geared up for beer bongs. High schools need to do a better job at corralling these hyped-up kids so when colleges and universities ask for discipline records, they will have no problem handing them over because they will be empty. Colleges and universities, for the most part, recruit based on their reputation. Yea, most kids look at the schools programs, campus, etc. But lets be honest people. If you were accepted to Harvard University and Bunker Hill Community College, you're going to pick Harvard (if tuition wasn't an issue). At the end of the day, you can get great educations at both. It's what you put into that really matters. It's how you apply yourself. School's reputation, however, plays a large role in recruiting and how people look at your degree when you're looking for a job.

So kudo's to colleges and universities for trying to protect their reputation before idiot kids arrive on campus and start taking stupid pills.


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