Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday rumblings

End of the week. Not really much happening in the news. Typical Friday before Thanksgiving type feel - the feeling that you have a short week ahead of you. Lets get to it:

Students are UMass are protesting. Good for them. Education does cost to much. For any of you that watch the morning news cycle, did you happen to see the idiot they interviewed? He rambled on for about a minute or so about how the university needs to listen to their demands; this is a political process; justice, etc. Not once, once, did he mention the actually issues that were on the table. Idiot.

I hate to say it, but I just can't get serious about the run for the white house yet. None of the candidates resonate with me. It's horrible. I want to believe in someone. I want to back someone, but all I see are talking heads and PR spinsters.

Is this who Chet left Natalie for? Oh man...I hope not. Talk about hitting every branch on the way down from a fall off of the ugly tree:

She has that Nancy Kerrigan horse teeth smile going on. "Why me, why meeeeeee."

Funny story about the Nancy Kerrigan thing. I was a reporter for the Boston Globe when all that stuff went down. As the story continued and she was supposed to skate again, they stuck me in front of her house in the cold weather...sitting there, waiting for her to come out. I was one of three reporters on the scene. Slowly but surely, they all left. I was there alone. I was starving, hadn't had anything to eat all day. There was a McDonald's down the street. I quickly sped off, grabbed a burger and headed back. As I'm heading up the street, I noticed a car coming the opposite way. Who's in the car? Nancy. She waited until I left to head to the rink. I tried to turn around on her very tight street. By the time I turned around, she lost me. I called it in. The editor was pissed. Oh well.

Back to real news:

There have been a few famous people who have graduated from my high school. As a matter of fact, I went to school with this guy:

People ask me all the time...did you know him? What about Ben? The answer is, no, sorry folks. I didn't know him. I knew of him, but our paths crossed in the hallways. We never skipped class, we never hung out. He was an upperclassman. I was a froshie. Nonetheless, it's comforting knowing that I went to a high school that produces successful adults. And oh yea, those entertainment guys aren't half bad either. ;)

Here's a random, stupid YouTube video by people that have way too much time on their hands:

Talk about a case of , "Woops, our bad":

The body of a man mistakenly buried at Calverton National Cemetery was exhumed, in what may be the first disinterment of a veteran from a national cemetery.

Read all about it here.

That's it for now. Enjoy your Friday.


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