Friday, November 30, 2007

Don't hate PR

The folks over here think that PR is useless. My retort:

I agree with a big * next to the word agree. I'm in PR. I luckily enough work for a firm that truly thinks programs through. We don't take a "spammer" approach to publicizing our news. We set realistic expectations with our clients because why set us up for failure. If they want us to pitch something and it's not news, we'll tell them it's not news. We'll then outline what to expect in terms of legit coverage. It's not that difficult really. If PR flacks would be honest with their clients, our industry could avoid the negative reputation. PR is not about quantity, it's about quality - the quality of our communication, our pitches, our ideas, etc. It's all about finding the right audience with the right story at the right time.

PR people have to be smarter in general. Flooding inboxes worked in the late 90s. Doesn't apply any more. There are way too many people generating content - media, bloggers, broadcast, etc. Maximize PR coverage by being strategic in who you are targeting. It has to be the right fit. Even then, it doesn't always work out as you planned because there's someone else pitching the same person, at the same time, pitching a story just as good, if not better, than yours.

Maybe your headline should have read, PR is all about having good luck. Because that's what it seems like it truly takes these days to rise above the clutter.

(or a massive budget)



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