Friday, November 2, 2007

#@$% Adobe

So, I purchased Adobe Premiere Elements last month online. I had no idea that it wasn't available yet UNTIL after I purchased it. So I was pissed. I started to think that I really didn't need it so I would return it. I can use some other free software and get similar results. I have enough Adobe products. I didn't need one more.

I embark on the return process and it was painful. Instead of canceling the order and crediting my CC, I had to fill out a software destruction form and email it to the company. I called to follow-up and they said that I would get the refund at the next billing cycle. Well, it's been a month. No refund yet. I called a short while ago and "Lisa" (sounded more like Hello, dis is Lidda") said to me, I should have gotten the credit. Check my bank account. So I did.


Now I'm fired up. I said to her, "@#@$ $%# %$$% %$@# @#$@#$"

She gives me another confirmation number and tells me that I should be getting an email from Adobe within 24-48 hours regarding the status of my refund. Oh great, more waiting.

What the #$@ Adobe. You guys are a billion dollar company. Can you just refund me the $100 get it over with. I have diapers to buy. What the $@@# is the refund process so friggin' difficult?
I'm officially hating on Adobe right now. I will never buy another product from them again.

Here's to Adobe:


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