Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wed's Commuter Observations

One of the things I've read in other blogs are regularly themed posts. So here goes my version, Wednesday's Commuter Observations.

I take the T to work everyday and take a 7 minute walk to the office from the station. I see lots of people, some over and over again, but some just once. This theme will basically focus on the people watching aspects of my morning and afternoon commute.

6:55am - Arrive at the station, noticing that the lot is a but thin this morning. Ah, that's right, the Red Sox are playing tonight in game one of the WS. I should expect the same tomorrow morning.

6:59am - I see the train coming down the tracks, I'm still a two minute walk from the station. Do I run to catch it? will be there when I get there.

7:05am - Train pulls in. Again, crowd is thinner than normal. Red Sox Nation staying home today.

So now I'm on the train, not paying attention to the time, but more to the people around me.

  1. Walk of shame dude - there's this guy who obviously is hung over, wearing his club cloths from last night. His eyes are bloodshot red, he can barely stay awake and looks like a train hit him. Pathetic. It's seeing someone in that condition which makes me feel happy to be married, with kids and having a normal run at life.
  2. Maybe not walking in shame, but definitely hung over dude - Right next to the walk of shame dude, sitting down, is a guy catching flies. His mouth is wide open, sucking in deep breaths of air, while sleeping. His stop comes, he opens his eyes and BAM...they are much redder than the walk of shame dude. He strides past me and whooof...smell of booze.
  3. Checkin' out all the ladies dude - then there's this one guy checking out all the ladies. I mean, this guy is really looking at them head to toe, almost like he has superman-vision. Pathetic.
  4. Asian invasion - we get to Chinatown. Here they come. 3-5 older Asian women get on the train and commence talking to each other from across the isle and from different seats. Thank god for the iPOD.
That was it for those who come to mind. So I get off the train, head to the office. On the way I pass:

  1. Bell hop dude - there's this guy at the Fairmont Copley plaza who is dressed to kill. He has the full bell hop uniform and is LOVIN' it. This is a guy who loves his job. He must know every inch of this town.
  2. Paper peeps - no matter where you go in town there are people trying to hand you the free Boston papers, the Metro and Boston Now. Both are havens for advertisers, but sometimes I'll take one and give it a read. The paper peeps are relentless though. They give you this feeling of "oh, is my paper not good enough for you" stare if you don't take the paper. I've made the effort to say "no thanks." But day after day, they keep offering me the paper. Don't you remember who takes it and who doesn't? They have to remember some of the faces? If not, then they are just robots or maybe it's because there are thousands of people that pass them everyday.
  3. Spare change peeps - I pass a Dunkin Donuts on the way to the office. There is a cluster of homeless people who open the door for D&D patrons every morning. This bugs the crap out of me. Why should I give you my hard earned money for opening the door for me? I do say thanks, but don't feel obligated to give them my change.
I'm at work. Morning security dude isn't in yet. We usually exchange a couple words about sports. He must be in line at D&D.


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