Thursday, October 11, 2007


I was up very early today to go to a client meeting/breakfast. I'm on the train, thinking to myself, man, do I hate these things. I won't drop names but there were some of Boston's who's who in the room - one with a Red Sox affiliation. Regardless, I'm sitting there, doing all the things I'm supposed to be doing (talking with the client, running through the stuff that needs to get done, planning, etc.) when it strikes me that someday, I'll be like the mucky mucks in the room.

Now, maybe I won't be famous and part of the social elite in Boston, but someday, people are going to start recognizing my name, knowing what I do, what I'm good at, etc. I'm starting to feel like I'm breaking into the game a bit. PR can do that. It exposes you to new people and experiences that you normally wouldn't have had the chance to meet/go through otherwise.

So there I am, eating an expensive breakfast and what pops into my head? The family. "Ah, they are at home. Sleeping probably. Damn, I'm jealous." I'd much rather be at home in my sweat pants and t-shirt, feet up on the couch, watching the morning news than in a shirt and jacket outfit, eating a weight watchers portioned sized breakfast. Then again, if I'm going to succeed in this business, then these are the things I have to do. One thing that's tough though is breaking into conversations with people I don't known - especially this group of people, who all know eachother, who are all in the news in some way shape or form, etc. I'm just the young PR exec trying to make a buck to feed the kids.

That's how my day started.

I hop on the train with a pounding headache, which I still have, BTW. I get to the office and need to do a little personal time in my other office (read between the lines). I get my required reading material and venture in. One thing that I have never noticed in my other office is the fact that it has ash trays in the stalls. My office looks like it is relatively new or at least at some sort of remodel. I guess they missed on thing - the ash trays from the 1980s when people smoked everywhere - nasty.

I have lots to do, but am not really motived to work because of this lingering headache. However, gotta get to it.


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