Monday, October 8, 2007

Hello my name is

Hello, my name is Don. This is my blog.

This is my fourth attempt to infiltrate the blog world. One previous attempt worked very well but I lost interest. Two others exist:

I'm a married dad with two daughters, living just north of Boston. I consider myself a simple guy. I don't want much out of life other than happy and healthy kids, a world series championship every so often, Patriots season tickets, no debt, and a house that I can someday entertain my big family in. Most of those wishes are attainable, but life does get in the way most of the time.

I'm a long-time PR professional (not enough time to discuss what PR is because for the most part, people just don't get it). I used to be a reporter for the Boston Globe until I realized that I eventually had to make a living and pay off my student loans. I commute to work everyday (another sore subject at times). I live a very simple life and am an even-keeled sort of fella.

The title of this blog refers to my stature. I'm a big dude. I could be playing O-Line for the Pats or at least a good blocking tight end. Most of my friends and family call me big guy - thus the title (and because all other slick names I came up with were taken by other bloggers).

So, here I am, on a Monday night, creating yet another blog that I will more than likely ignore from time to time. This is meant to be a place to rant about society, politics (when I'm in the mood), cool stuff I've found on the web, technology (I'm a tech geek at heart), food, beer, my neighborhood, work, my profession, etc. Basically, I'll cover everything with the exception of sports and photography.

I may from time to time, piss people off (not that I have high expectations of actually having a following because after all, there are probably a million other blogs out there just like this one).

For those that will/have stopped by, thanks (even it was by mistake).


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