Thursday, October 18, 2007

Google Trends

For those who aren't a Google pimp (everything evolves around Google) like myself, you might not know about Google trends. It tells you what people are looking for on the web. Why do we need to know this? Who knows. Is it cool, heck yea.

For example:

  1. People are hot and bothered over what instrument Ben Franklin invented in 1761.
  2. It's halloween, lets find the headless horseman.
  3. This dude is a popular individual at the moment.
  4. What tech gadget has people moist?
  5. Example of how social networking will bite you in the ass.
  6. What's a Pipl?
Well, you get my point. Lots of people out there. Lots of them using the internet. Lots of them searching for stuff. There's gotta be trends.


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